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Use this page to contact me about my Freeway Actions. Please note that I cannot help with general Freeway support issues – please contact Softpress with this kind of query.

Be aware also that Freeway Actions are a small part of what I do. I do try to help people as soon as possible, but if the volume of work I have on is great, then my response time may be slower.

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Before sending the form, please make sure that you have installed the Action correctly. If you have moved from Freeway 4 and have found problems with Actions in Freeway 5, it could be down to the Action not being in the Freeway 5 Actions folder. This is the major cause of support questions I have been fielding recently. Read more here

Also note that if your question is about still seeing Gallery Lite even though you have bought and installed the full version, you should read this page. If you still have problems, then Softpress are the people to speak to, not me as this is a Freeway bug.

There is also a page on how to correctly install Themes supplied with some Actions.

If you have found a bug in one of my Actions, please be as descriptive as you can about how you arrived at the problem. I will need to reproduce the problem to see what is happening, and I will be starting from a blank document. If I can not follow your description, or if one is not supplied, I will ask you for one, and this will slow the process down.