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Target Chains

Triggering Freeway’s Target Chains from a Hype animation is possible.
Download a demo document (includes the Hype and Freeway 5.6 files) to see the two working together.

Set up your Hype animation as usual. Decide what event you want to use to trigger the Freeway Target Chain. You may decide on a Mouse Click on a button. In the On Mouse Click in Hype’s Inspector Palette, choose Run Javascript... as the Action, and select New Function from the Function drop-down.

An editor window will open. You can delete most of it (it will be green and commented out). Just keep to the structure above. The important bit is that you type in:


replacing <number> with the numeric value between 1 and 20 (inclusive), and keep the function declaration intact.

Output your Hype document as HTML 5, and return to Freeway. Set up Freeway to use the Hype document as detailed on this page.

In Freeway, select the Hype Object Action item on your page and open the Actions Palette. Open the Target Chain Calls disclosure triangle.

Look for the heading fw_Hype(#): that contains the number you typed into the Hype JavaScript Editor above. Set up the Target Group and Value. Your Hype Animation will now trigger that Target Chain when the button in Hype is clicked.

You can trigger Target Chains using other events in Hype that support calling JavaScript, such as when the end of an animation is reached. You can call an existing function, or you can define a new one to call the necessary fwHype(<number>) function.