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Slave Chains

Coppélia can trigger slave chains. This is a very powerful feature that will allow you to control what the page viewer sees, and when. You can trigger slave images, slave layers and even start other Coppélia Animations.

Your path is a time line - each point defined on it is a place where a trigger can occur. Simply select your point using the Trigger and point drop down , and select a slave group and a trigger number. Then simply set up your other objects with slave triggers, and off you go!

Adding and Removing Points

Points on a path are dumb - there isn't an easy way to detect when you have added or removed a point on a path. Consider this situation:

A point is being added between two existing points (the numbers have been added by me - but they correspond to what you would see in the Trigger at point drop down). When the point is added, the points after the new one shift along. Freeway Actions can’t currently detect this change, and so can't react (though there is probably a way to amend this - something I will be hoping to fix in the future).

So, any trigger set to happen at point 2 will now happen at the new point 2, and point 3 (the old point 2) will inherit slave triggers for the now point 4. Similar shifts in numbering of pints will happen when a point is deleted from the path.

You can either opt to change these manually, or you can tinker with the settings in the Advanced section.