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How to Use

Coppélia is very easy to set up.

1 - Draw a path using the Image Map tool. The path can be open or closed. The object will move from the first point defined to the last one.

2 - Create a layered object. This can be a text box, a graphic or even a table. Apply the Coppélia Action to it.

3 - In the Actions Palette, select the path using the Path drop down

4 - Enter the amount of time you want your animation to run for in the Time box. This is approximate, and may need some fine tuning.

5 - There will be times when the animation won't run for the time you specify, - use the Speed Fine Tuning slider to tweak this. Note that the animation will move less smoothly as a result. The distance travelled by the layer is multiplied by this number, effectively speeding it up, but reducing the smoothness of the movement. Fine tuning is subjective - your animation may run well on your Dual G5, but spare a thought for your clients, who may be running something slower and less powerful!

6 - You can choose the behaviour of the animation - it can loop, yo-yo or just run once.

7 - If the path is not closed, then switch the check box off (Freeway does not indicate if a path is closed to Actions).

Publish and preview - your animation will now run.