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Text Box Decoration


Ever wanted to set up a text box or a table like this at the click of a mouse? Now you can! The Text Box Decoration Action is growing up, and now allows boxes to be coloured with ease. Throughout my Actions site, you will find boxes with varying textures applied to them These are all applied using this Action.

Windows and PNGs

The Freeway 4 version of the Action outputs special code to allow Windows to display transparent PNGs if it is able to (some versions of Windows can't do this at all). You need to supply the Web Address of your site for this to work (Freeway will warn you and will not run the Action if you don't do this).

1 - Open the file
2 - Go to File>Document Set Up
3 - Click on the Upload tab
4 - In the Web Address field, type in the url of the site. So, for ActionsWorld, I would enter:

For my .mac site, I would enter:

5 - OK the window.


This Action takes advantage of features available to Action developers in Freeway Pro 4.2.1.

The Freeway 4 version will not work in older versions of Freeway. Upgrade to Freeway Pro now. A version for Freeway Pro 3.5.15 is still avaialble. Freeway 5 users can use the Action as well. Currently no preview in Freeway is available – I am working on this.

Other Features

Improved Themes - you can now have themes based on a 5x5 or 7x7 grid. These help you create themes where the corners and the content area overlap. The 7x7 themes allow you to have central bosses in each of the four sides. More...

Automatic detection of images - when importing themes, you can now leave the size detection up to Freeway., Just import and publish. Your theme should just work. This feature requires Freeway Pro 3.5.12 or higher.

28 Themes - you now get some 5x5 and 7x7 themes for use in your Freeway document.

Using your own graphics in this Action is covered in the Making Themes Page.


This Action requires AppleScript to be active. Switch it on in your Freeway preferences.

Text Box Decoration