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DIY Themes

It is really simple to create your own themes. New features introduced in Freeway Pro allow the Action to do a lot more of the work for you.

Step One

To start with, you need to create your finished graphics in an image editing application, such as Photoshop. You need to create nine image pieces, and save them as GIFs, PNGs or JPEGs using the following naming convention:

Step Two

Ensure that all your files are in the same folder. In the Actions Palette, select Custom in the Theme drop-down, and some more options will appear. use the select a folder drop-down to choose to one of the files within the folder. Freeway will automatically select all the images needed.

The Frame settings disclosure triangle reveals all the settings to make the frame work, including the width and height of the columns. The sizes are automatically detected by the Action, so you won’t have to enter the number manually.

Preview your Theme in a browser to make sure that it works properly.

Step Three

Finally, click on the Save button at the bottom of the Inspector palette. You will be prompted for a name. Once entered, Freeway will create the files for the theme and set the palette to use it immediately.

The theme will be stored in the Actions World Themes ~ folder next to the Action in your Freeway Actions folder.