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The home of Paul Dunning’s Freeway Actions.

Freeway Actions help bring the best web design application Freeway to life – and there are a number here which are available to download and to buy.

Freeway 6

Freeway 6 is here, and with that comes the need to update some Actions. For any Actions that you have, please check the relevant page to see if they need updating. Users of Actions you have bought should contact me for a download of the Freeway 6 version. Any other Actions will have a FW6 download on the page if an update is needed.

As always, though, caution is advised. It‘s exciting to jump into a new version of an application, but Freeway 6 introduces a lot of new features, and these can (and in places will) impact on your web site designs. My advice is, as always, to continue using Freeway 5 for exisitng projects until you are happy that Freeway 6 is able to take over.

Paul’s Buttons

Quickly add stylish and colourful buttons to your site. All from one handy Action. Take a look here…

Twitter Action

Sadly, like the Norwegian Blue, this Action is no more due to changes in the way Twitter lets you embed timelines. More here…


You can get to all the Actions in this site by using the menu at the top of the page.

Problems moving from Lite to Pro

Find out what the most commonly asked question is, and learn that I can do nothing about it…

Internet Explorer 6 and my Actions

I will no longer be testing my Actions against IE6. Read more here…

Buying Actions - important information about how I process bought Actions.